Thursday, 30 November 2017

NL Classifieds 4th Annual Christmas Advent Calendar - Rules & Details 2017

Welcome back to our BIGGEST contest of the year, our 4th Annual Christmas Advent Calendar! 25 days of surprises, giveaways and holiday fun!! If you've been with us other the past few years, you know the drill - if not, think of your typical chocolate filled advent calendar you open every December and imagine it being filled with wine, gift cards, NHL Alumni & St. John's Edge tickets, a turkey dinner, winter jackets, toques and more! 

Contest Details

Every day we will be posting a special NL Classifieds Present (numbered to the date on the calendar; #1 on the 1st and so on) on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). You can enter every single day and are eligible to win each day - you can also enter on each channel to increase your chances of winning each day! Make sure you follow us on all our social media channels to increase your chances of winning and to ensure you don’t miss any days on the calendar! 

On the NL Classifieds Facebook page, the Present image, as seen below, must be LIKED, SHARED & COMMENTED ON for an eligible entry for that day!

*Remember when sharing the post to set privacy to public for that particular post or we will not be able to confirm you have entered correctly if chosen as the random winner!*

On our Twitter page, @NLclassifieds, you must FOLLOW our account and RETWEET the Present post for an eligible entry for that day!

On Instagram, @NLclassifieds, the Present post must be LIKED and you must FOLLOW our page for an eligible entry for that day! 

The contest will begin in the morning when the Present is posted. The winners will be randomly drawn and selected the following morning - this means the winner for December 1st will be chosen on December 2nd and so. If you are a winner, you must message NL Classifieds through one of the three social media channels to claim your prize. Prizes are not required to be collected the same day but must be collected within 30 days of winning.

Prizes this year include but are not limited to:

Christmas Poinsettia
NHL Alumni: Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins Tickets
NL Classifieds Pens & Magnets
Turkey Dinner
Giant Toblerone Chocolate Bar
Rainbow International Restoration $100 Carpet Cleaning Gift Certificate
NL Classifieds Winter Toques
Swiss Delice Chocolates
NL Now T-shirts
Freshwater Suzuki T-Shirts, Baseball hats & keychains
Sweet Revelations Decorative Planters
St. John's Edge Court Side Tickets (4 games)
European Cookie Boxes
Lakeview Chrysler RAM Jacket
Lindor Chocolates
Western Toyota Hat & Hoodie
NL Classifieds Mummer Playing Cards
Godiva Chocolate Sets
DEL Equipment: Mahindra T-shirt, Toque & Keychains 
Royal Garage Gift Set & $100 Gift Certificate
Gander Toyota Stormtech Winter Jacket, Baseball Hats, Lunch Bag & Water Bottle
SPCA St. John's T-Shirts, Leggings & Magnet
Desobry Luxury Belgian Biscuit Packages

and more to be added!

A special thanks to our Partners who are helping to make this year's Advent Calendar even better!

If you are interested in being a partner for our 4th Annual Christmas Advent Calendar,
please contact Kevin at or 709-237-7300.

 Good luck and we hope you enjoy this year's NL Classifieds Advent Calendar! 


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