Tuesday 9 May 2017

Tips & Tricks - How To Create The Perfect Ad

With thousands of new ads posted daily on NL Classifieds, you want to make sure your ad gets noticed. So we thought we would highlight a few tips and tricks on how to make your ad stand out!

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1. Category

The first step in creating a listing is selecting a category. NL Classifieds has over 39 categories and hundreds of sub-categories to select from. Often times users shop by selecting a category and scrolling through the listings! When you are deciding on the category, remember you can only place your item under one category, so make sure you pick the right one!

2. Title

The second step in creating your ad is the title. The title of your ad is the first thing users read when searching our site. Keywords are also drawn from the title when users select 'full search'. When you are filling out the title of your ad, you want to make it simple yet specific! For example, if you are selling a car, the title should include the year, make and model. If you’re offering the car at a good deal, you may also want to include something like “reduced to sell,” or “great deal!”

3. Description

The two main things that entice a user to click an ad are the photos and the title. Once the user has selected the ad they then move on to the description. The description may be the deciding factor on whether the person is going to contact you regarding your ad. 

When writing the description you want to provide accurate, clear and informative information. You want to give the user a better idea of the product or service. Let’s use the car example again. When you’re writing a description for a car you want to restate the title information, along with information about the usage, condition, special features, color, price, and how you would prefer to be contacted.

4. The Forgotten Photo
The most common mistake users often make when uploading an ad is forgetting to upload a photo. When users are scrolling through our site they often pay more attention to the ads with photos than those without. When creating an ad you should always try and include a photo of the item. You can even use an image or video you found online, just make sure you indicate in the description the photo is from online, not an image of the actual item. When adding a photo, you also want to make sure the best photo is the first one uploaded and selected. This will be the main photo used on your ad! 

5. The Price is Right
When you are creating your listing, there is a ‘price’ tab where you enter the price of your item. In this tab, your are given the option to select the price type. For example, if you are negotiable on the price, you select ‘neg’. If you are not interested in changing the price, you can select ‘firm’. While listing the price may help sell the item, users sometimes do not include the price. If you do not want to list the price, we recommend leaving the price box empty with
"contact for a price" in the description. 


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