Thursday, 4 February 2016

Tips & Tricks: UPDATED - Safety & Security

Safety & Security for all users is the most important thing for us here at NL Classifieds. As a trusted community member and marketplace for all Newfoundlanders & Labradorians and beyond, it is crucial that we provide the safest and most secure site as possible. This post will try to educate you as a consumer and user against any and all potential scams and fraudulent behaviour you may come across online. 

Posted Listings:

We use a multi level defence system to keep most potential threats from ever even making it to you, the user. Our advanced technology and security software allows us to block most potential threats immediately. On the rare occasion our filters and security settings do not catch suspicious behaviour, we have trained staff constantly monitoring the website, its thousands of users and even more listings. Our staff are prepared and capable of spotting a potential threat and eliminating it before it can become an issue for even a single user. These great efforts are employed 24/7, 365 days a year to make NL Classifieds the safest online marketplace possible. BUT the threats and scammers are smart - our users are even better. On the rare occasion that a potential scam or fraud does go live, it is almost always reported within minutes by our loyal users. This is easier than ever with the 'report listing' button on every posted listing. If there is ever anything suspicious, please do not hesitate to report the listing and even give us a call at 709-237-7300. 

Suspicious Notifications:

As our security measures do such a great job, the majority of suspicious behaviour we hear about from our users happens when they have a legitimate ad placed and they then receive suspicious inquiries either via email or text message. All initial email inquiries sent directly through an NL Classifieds listing go through the same intense security filters as listings and are reviewed by staff and usually blocked and never even make it to the intended receiver, you, the poster. Unfortunately, text messages and even phone calls are out of our control as they are sent and received through a cellular or household device outside of the NL Classifieds realm. 

There are red flags to keep an eye out for when dealing with a potential buyer or seller. The old adage "if it's to good to be true, it probably is" is a great way to stay diligent. Be mindful of a deal that simply seems too good to be true, in most cases it is exactly that. Watch for out of country inquiries/bizarre or unrecognizable phone area codes, requests to send/receive payment through money transfer or online payment, paying before receiving the item and any unwillingness to meet in person or conduct the transaction in person.

User Submitted Examples:

- The scammer has an out of Canada area code
- They say they are in NY
- Only able to use PayPal for payment

These are all red flags that combined should be setting off alarm bells. Offering to pay for the shipment of a motorcycle is an expensive bill, another sign that this person 1) is most likely not local or even in NL and 2) seems to be making an offer that is "too good to be true". 

Broken english and at times hard to understand sentences can also be a sign of a scam. The reality is that a very small number of frauds originate in Canada and even less within NL.

Keep an eye out for personal stories attempting to play on people's emotions as well. These are the oldest running scams but still catch unsuspecting victims if not careful.  

If you ever encounter an inquiry like this we encourage you to stop all communication, NEVER send any money and you can always notify us and offer any and all information to our customer service team at 

What You Can Do:

1. NEVER send money without seeing the item first.

2. If you suspect something, always try to take the conversation to the phone. Scammers are very reluctant or will not speak over the phone at all.

3. View the item in person with a friend or family member before exchanging any form of money with a seller.

4. If you cannot view an item in person, make sure you speak to the seller over the phone and even over skype/facetime if at all possible. This can be a great tool to see an item that you can't get to in person at the moment. 

5. You can always contact us directly at or at 709-237-7300 with any questions or concerns over any suspicious activity. 

As always, you can reach us by phone at 709-237-7300 or at with any questions, comments or concerns.

NL Classifieds, Something For Everyone! 


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