Tuesday 24 November 2015

NL Classifieds Christmas Advent Calendar 2015

Welcome to December and to the 2nd Annual NL Classifieds Christmas Advent Calendar for 2015!

Back by popular demand, a contest for you to help ring in the Holiday Season. Prizes include St. John's IceCaps tickets, a Christmas Turkey, NLC goodies, a snowblower tune-up, lots of gift cards and even an IceCaps Christmas shirt signed by the entire 2015 Team! You don't want to miss this one!

We hope you're as excited as we are!!

For full contest details and rules hit the jump!

Just like your childhood advent calendars, each day of December up to the big day (Christmas!) will have a different prize! Everyday we will post a special NL Classifieds Calendar date image like the one pictured below. You can enter every single day and are eligible to win each day as well, so make sure not to miss any days on the calendar!

The contest is open on three different social sites (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). Enter on all three channels each day for the best chance to win!

On Facebook (NL Classifieds) the special Calendar image must be LIKED & SHARED for an eligible entry for each day.
**Remember when sharing the post to set privacy to public for that post or we will not be able to confirm you have entered correctly if chosen as our random winner.**

On Twitter the special Calendar image must be RETWEETED & FOLLOW @NLClassifieds for an eligible entry for each day.

On Instagram the special Calendar image must be LIKED & FOLLOW @NLClassifieds for an eligible entry for each day.

Each day, the contest will open in the morning when the special Calendar image is posted. Daily winners will be randomly drawn and posted during the evening each day when that calendar date's contest officially closes.

Winners are required to message NL Classifieds through one of the three social channels to arrange prize collection. Prizes are not required to be collected same day.

Prizes this year include but are not limited to:

- NL Classifieds Swag (mugs, cups, hats, toques, bags, pens, magnets, notebooks)
- St. John's IceCaps Christmas T-Shirt Autographed by the entire 2015-2016 Team
- 6 Hickman's Automotive Group Gift Certificates ($50 value)
- 1 Snowblower Tune-Up from Scope Industrial ($100 value)
- 12 bottles of Auk Island Wine
- 2 Jungle Jim's Gift Certificates ($50 value)
- 4 Arctic West Ltd Gift Certificates ($25 value)
- 1 Merle Norman Gift Pack including free facial ($200 value)
- 4 hats, 1 jacket from Gander Toyota
- 1 Lakeview Chrysler Women's Sweater ($45 value)
- 2 Godiva Chocolate/Truffle Packages
- 5 sets of St. John's IceCaps ice level game tickets
- 3 Guylian Chocolate Boxes
- 2 Balsam Christmas Wreaths
- 1 Starbucks Advent Calendar
- 5 Purity Factories Gift Boxes
- 2 Sweet Expressions Christmas Gift Baskets
- 1 Cinepelx Night Out (includes 2 tickets, 2 drinks & 1 popcorn) ($50 value)
- 3 Chocodelice Boxes
- 1 Sweet Revelation Stone Platter Package

A glimpse at some of the great prizes to be won this December!!

For a full list of 2015 Winners, click here!

Good luck and we hope you enjoy our NL Classifieds Advent Calendar! :)

We'd like to take this time to recognize and thank all of our Partners who are helping to make this year's Advent Calendar even bigger and better!!

Arctic West Ltd (Arctic West Ltd on Facebook)
Auk Island Winery (Auk Island Winery on Facebook/Twitter)
Gander Toyota (Gander Toyota on Facebook/Twitter)
- Hickman Automotive Group (Hickman Automotive Group on Facebook)
- Jungle Jim's Eatery (Jungle Jim's on Facebook)
- Lakeview Chrysler (Lakeview Chrysler on Facebook/Twitter)
Merle Norman (Merle Norman on Facebook)
Scope Industrial (Scope Industrial on Facebook/Twitter)

As always, you can reach us by phone at 709-237-7300 or at support@nlclassifieds.com with any questions, comments or concerns.

NL Classifieds, Something For Everyone!


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