Tuesday 3 March 2015

Tips & Tricks: UPDATED - How to Post an Ad

In this edition of Tips & Tricks we are going to go over the new & improved create listing page of NLClassifieds.com

As you have probably noticed, we have recently made some changes and improvements to NL Classifieds including how to create your free listing. Follow along for this step-by-step guide to easily creating your free ad with us and on Newfoundland & Labrador’s #1 Classifieds. 

For a full step-by-step guide in how to create a listing with Newfoundland & Labrador's leading Classifieds, hit the jump!!

How to Post an Ad on NL Classifieds:

  1. Go to www.nlclassifieds.com in your chosen web browser.
  2. Click “Place your FREE ad” along the blue banner across the top of the homepage.
  3. Click the blue button saying “Place your FREE listing”
    1. If you are looking to create a commercial listing or looking for advertising information for your business/company, please contact us at advertising@nlclassifieds.com
  4. If you are not already signed into your free NL Classifieds account, you will be prompted to do so at this step. 
    1. If you do not have a free NL Classifieds account/login, click “Create your FREE account” and follow the steps to do so.
  5. Select the Category of your item
  6. Select the Subcategory for your item - this next menu and its options will reflect the Category you selected in Step 5.
  7. Select a further Subcategory if applicable - some Subcategories within Step 6 do not have further levels of Subcategories to choose from. i.e. Announcements & Events is a two tiered Category while Automotive is a three tiered Category. 
  8. When satisfied with Category and Subcategory selections, click the blue button “Next” below the categories and subcategories. 
  9. Now you will be prompted to click either “Offering” or “Wanted”, choose whichever is applicable.
  10. Fill in your contact information; a phone number OR email is the minimum requirement as other users need at least one way of contacting the poster (you).
  11. Select the area and city/town where your item is located as well as your postal code, ad title, and ad description. Your address, price and price type are all option fields here.
  12. The expiration date of your listing will automatically be set to the maximum permitted of 8 weeks from the current date. If you wish for this to be sooner, you can absolutely adjust this - the expiry date must however, be a date in the future and cannot be the current date or any date in the past.
  13. If uploading images to the listing, click the button reading ‘Upload Images” and locate the desired photos on the device in use. More than one image can be uploaded at a time. 
  14. Once completed and the image status bar reaches 100%, you are ready to finalize the listing.
  15. Within the Finish area; click the small box stating you have read and agree to the terms of agreement and privacy policy. Then click the blue button at the bottom of the page that says “Post”! 
  16. You have successfully created a listing with NL Classifieds and are ready to buy/sell/trade/rent your item(s)!
    1. If any steps were missed or completed incorrectly, the next page will list the fields that need fixing in red font at the top of the page. Address all errors and proceed. 
  17. Once successfully created, your listing will enter a “Pending” phase. This is where the NL Classifieds website moderators review each and every listing created on the Classifieds. Once your ad has been reviewed and deemed in good standing, it will be posted active and be live for all to see. Best of luck and thanks for choosing NL Classifieds!! 

As always, you can reach us by phone at 709-237-7300 or at support@nlclassifieds.com with any questions, comments or concerns.

NL Classifieds, Something For Everyone!


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