Thursday 18 September 2014

App Feature Spotlight: Search Filters

In this edition of App Feature Spotlight we're going to explore the Search Filters within the Apps. There are some great additions to the normal search if you now how to use it to full potential. 

Hit the jump if you're ready to search!

Within the Apps, you will see the magnifying glass icon at the top right of your it. Here you can perform your basic search or take it up a notch and use our fancy filters to refine your search. Within the filters you will be able to narrow results by area (Newfoundland, Labrador, Outside Province) then once again even further (Avalon, Burin, Central, West Coast, South Coast, Eastern, Northern Peninsula - if your original selection was Newfoundland respectively). You can narrow your search again even further with price, date and sorting (date, price, area) filters all available to be combined. Once you click "Apply" to your custom filters, they will stay active until you either "Clear All" filters or decide to change one or all of your custom search filters manually. 

With these added tools, finding that perfect item is now even easier than before. Happy hunting and find us on social media to share your golden finds!

As always, you can reach us by phone at 709-237-7300 or at with any questions, comments or concerns.

NL Classifieds, Something For Everyone! 


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