Thursday 29 May 2014

App Feature Spotlight: Viewing Location of a Listing

In this week's edition of App Feature Spotlight, we're going to let you in on a pretty cool secret feature about the app.  You can actually see where the item in the ad is located on a map, should you not be familiar with the town they've listed!

This feature is currently only available on the app, not the website, but that functionality will be coming soon!  Hit the jump to learn how to do it!

It's super easy, but very easily overlooked.  To see on a map where the item is located, just tap on a listing so that you can see the images, description and contact buttons at the top of the screen.  Right underneath the title, price and posted date, there should be the location.  It will say an address, or 'near "town/city name"'.  Just tap on the town/city name (for example, 'near St. John's') and it will open up a map with a pin to show you where it's located!  If the poster didn't include an address, this will show you where the town is, though if they provided a postal code or address, it'll give you a more accurate map!  If you zoom out, you can also see where you are on the map as well, so it will give you a good judge of how far you need to travel!

One of the cool features here is that you can actually tap on the pin, and then open it in the Maps app, so you can get directions from Siri!  This is extremely helpful if you're in a place where you're not comfortable driving or not sure of the layout!

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