Thursday 15 May 2014

App Feature Spotlight: Sharing a Listing

In this week's edition of App Feature Spotlight, we're going to show you how to share a listing, be it yours or someone else's, on the social networks of your choice, or via email/text message!

So if you see something on NL Classifieds that you know your buddy will like, hit the jump to learn how to do it!

It's super simple to share a listing with a friend or on the social network of your choice.  When you're looking at a listing, in the top right (next to the Favourite star) there will be a box with an arrow pointing up.  It's the iOS icon for 'Share'.  Tap it, you'll be happy you did.

Once you do, it will give you the following options:

  • AirDrop: Turns on AirDrop to share with people around you.
  • Message: Creates a new message with the thumbnail image, the title and a link to the ad.  Just type in your friend's name and select it, then hit send!
  • Mail: Opens a new email with the same information.  Type in the address you would like to send it to and hit send!
  • Twitter: If you have Twitter connected in iOS, you can share your listing with your followers.  It gives the same information as above, but here you can choose the account that you're posting from (if you have multiple Twitter accounts) and also set a location as well!  Then just tap 'Post'.
  • Facebook: Facebook is almost exactly the same, it posts the photo, title and link but you can choose what album the photo goes into, your location, and privacy settings!  Again, hit post to share with all your friends!
  • Save Image: This option saves the image to your Camera Roll.
  • Assign to Contact: This option allows you to assign the image in the ad to a contact.
  • Copy: Tap this to copy the title, image and link in case you want to paste it somewhere else not covered here.
  • Print: Prints the ad.

There you go, told you it would be easy!  

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