Tuesday 11 March 2014

Tips and Tricks: Price

In this week's edition of Tips & Tricks we cover the simple matter of price.  How to post it, your different options and what not to do.

First thing is first, more often than not you want to include a price on your listing.  You can only enter numbers in the price field, so leave out the dollar sign, commas, periods or any other punctuation.

Furthermore, if you don't want to include a price, and want to have people make offers, then you can leave it blank; no need to put a zero in!  Just be warned though, you will get loads of emails and calls asking how much you want for the item if you go this route!

Even if you put your price in the description, make sure you include it in the price field as well, as it shows up separate from the other information when potential buyers are browsing the listings!

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