Thursday 6 March 2014

App Feature Spotlight: Posting a Listing

In the inaugural post in this series that highlights features of the app, we're going to get you started off easy; posting an ad.

It's a little different than how you would on the website, so hit the jump to get the walkthrough.

After you open the NL Classifieds app, tap the Post Ad button on the bottom of the page.  If you're not logged in, it will ask you to do so first.  Once you're logged in, if you've included your contact info in your settings, it will automatically populate the first few fields.  If not, just go ahead and fill out your name, email and/or phone number.

After that, choose which category and sub category you'd like to post the item in.  If you're selling a Chev Cavalier, then you'd want to choose Automotive > Cars > Chevrolet.  Once that is done, choose which area you're located in (Avalon, West Coast, etc.).  Then input your City and Postal Code and if you'd like, your address as well.

Now comes time to enter the details of the listing itself.  The title should be short and convey exactly what it is you're selling.  In the case of the car we mentioned, you could put "2002 Chev Cavalier Z24, great condition!".  Next is the price, it's helpful to include this as people won't have to email asking for it.  Lastly in this section is the Description.  Be as detailed as possible to eliminate any questions that could be answered here.  And it is an advertisement, so go on and sell!

Next pick the expiration date (default is 8 weeks).  After that is photos!  You can pick a bunch and rearrange them or even delete them.

After that, tap Post Listing and the ad will be submitted for review!

NL Classifieds, always current, always free.

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