Thursday 20 March 2014

App Feature Spotlight: Contacting a Poster

In this week's edition of App Feature Spotlight, we'll look at contacting a poster of a listing that you're interested in through the app.  It's even easier than it is on the website!

Hit the jump to learn how.

Once you've found that perfect item and you're ready to buy it, or at least ask to see it, the next step is to get in touch with the poster!  It's super easy on the app, once you're looking at the listing in question, at the top of the screen you will see either one button or two.  It will say Email or Call if it's one, and both if it's two.  Simply tap on your preferred method and follow the instructions/prompts!  

If you choose email, it will ask you to enter your email, name and phone number if you choose so.  If you're logged in, it will automatically populate these fields!  Then type out your message and hit send.  We keep email addresses hidden due to privacy concerns, and your message will be sent through NL Classifieds.  All they need to do to reply is to reply to the email they receive, and it goes straight to you!

If you choose call, then a dialogue will pop up confirming that you want to call the number, hit yes or no and it will automatically dial the number for you.  If the poster has included 2 numbers, then you can now choose which number to dial.

That's it! 

NL Classifieds, always current, always free.


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