Friday, 10 November 2017

2017 NL Classifieds Advent Calendar Campaign

Welcome to the 4th Annual NL Classifieds Advent Calendar, the biggest advent calendar in Newfoundland & Labrador. Back by popular demand, this year's contest will be another 25 days of awesome prizes, giveaways and Christmas fun - it's our way of saying thanks to all of our users, fans, customers and clients for making us the most visited local website in NL once again.

We are in the process of gathering all of the great prizes for this year's contest and are opening up the contest more than ever before. Last year's month long calendar earned over 5 million impressions & engagements in December alone! That's major exposure for your brand and company and just in time for Christmas. What better way to get your name in front of all of NL during the Holidays?

As the most popular classifieds website in the province, we have a lot of users and fans to give back to each year - many of which are also your current, or hopefully future, customers. You can help us say thanks by including your contributions in the Province's biggest Advent Calendar.

If this sounds like something your brand and company may be interested in, contact our Digital & Social Marketing Coordinator, Kevin Connolly at or by phone at 709-237-7300.

For a look into how the contest has done in the past, checkout our blog posts from previous years!
- 2016 NL Classifieds Advent Calendar
- 2015 NL Classifieds Advent Calendar
- 2014 NL Classifieds Advent Calendar

We're looking forward to another successful December of giveaways and hope to have you onboard!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Summer Photo Contest 2017

NL Classifieds Summer Photo Contest

We've had some AMAZING entries over these past 11 weeks and have dwindled them all down to 33 Finalists (3 from each week)!! You can see a sneak peak of them all here!

Our Grand Prize $1,000 Winner is Lindsey Baker! Congratulations!

It’s fair to say we live in one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. So we thought we would combine this year's summer contest with a fun and exciting way to explore the beauty of Newfoundland and Labrador!

NL Classifieds will be hosting a Newfoundland and Labrador inspired summer-long photo contest with a grand prize of $1000! Similar to a photo scavenger hunt, each week we will release three photo challenges. Each challenge will be a different photo quest you must complete. However, you only have to complete one out of three challenges to enter. But, if you want to increase your chances of winning, complete as many challenges as you can. 


          How To Enter
Here is what you need to know! Every Thursday a set of three photo challenges will be released. For example, "1. Take a photo with an Iceberg”. This will require you to take a photo in front of an Iceberg. Once you take the photo and submit it to NL Classifieds, you have earned an entry for that week! At the end of each week, three winners will randomly be selected. The three winners will then earn an entry into our FINAL grand prize draw for $1000! In order to win the grand prize, one of your photos must be selected throughout the 10 weeks. If your photo is selected multiple times throughout the weeks, you earn multiple entries into the grand prize!

Send your photos to or directly to one of our social media pages - Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! #NLClassifiedsSummerContest 

              Rules & Regulations

• The photo must be taken in Newfoundland or Labrador
• At least one person must be in the photo - Yourself, friend or family member
• A photo can only be submitted once
• Once the week is over, you can no longer submit any previous weeks challenges
• The photo must be submitted by Thursday at 5:00 PM
• Only the person submitting the photo has an entry into the contest
• The photo must follow the guidelines stated in that week's post
• Both the weekly winner and the grand prize winner will be randomly selected
• Submitted photos will be property of NL Classifieds and may be used for promotional purposes
• Rules may be modified throughout the contest
• The weekly challenges will be released every Thursday afternoon
• The weekly winners will be announced on Friday morning

For more contest rules, click here! 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the contest, send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or

Monday, 24 July 2017

Summer Photo Contest Weekly Winners

Summer Photo Contest

Grand Prize Winner

Lindsey Baker - Sandy Cove, NL

Week 1:
1. Michael Whelan
2. Taylor Rod White
3. Maria Cranford

Week 2:
1. Chrissie Anne
2. Kelsey Worthman
2. Amy Jenkins

Week 3:
1. Craig Farrell
2. Tammy Dalley
3. April Rideout

Week 4:
1. Jake Gatherall

2. Michelle Keeping
3. Karen Bennett

Week 5:

1. Carol Hedd

2.Doreen Moyst
3. Alyssa Hodder

Week 6:
1.Christy-Lee Baily
2. Gloria Coady
3. Amy Jenkins

Week 7:

1. Candace Gaulton
2. Catherine Baker
3. Olive Jackson

Week 8:
1. Ryan J
2. Jonathan Penton
3. Alyssa Hodder

Week 9:
1. Laura Janes
2. Tammy Dalley
3. Lindsey Baker

Week 10:
1. Amy Jenkins
2. Caroline Costello
3. Robyn Tuck

Week 11:
1. Alexandra Antle
2. Nicole May
3. Sandra Day

Monday, 19 June 2017

Summer Photo Contest Rules & Regulations

This year's summer contest is all about exploring the beautiful province of Newfoundland and Labrador! And we want you to showcase your NL Adventures in our NL Classifieds Summer Photo Contest! If you complete the weekly photo challenges, you could win the grand prize of $1000!

For full contest details, click here! 

    1. No purchase or entry fees are necessary to enter or to win.
    2. Each entry is personal and each has a limited valid period. One entry per person/party will be accepted.
    3. The photographer(s) must be the author(s) of the pictures submitted in his/her/their name.
    4. If there are additional people in the photo, please ensure you have their permission to share and submit the photo.
    5. The name of the participant who submits the photo is the name entered into the contest.
    6. Participants must enter in accordance with instructions AND entry deadlines stated in the relevant promotional material. Entries will be accepted through the NL Classifieds Inc. Social Media email address ( or through our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. 
    7. For all entries, the date of receipt will constitute entry eligibility for this prize.
    8. NL Classifieds Inc. will formulate a pool of finalist entries based on previous weeks winning photos. Once the last week of photo challenges is complete, each week's winners will be placed into a random draw. The winner will be randomly selected from said pool. 
    1. The grand prize is open to Canadian residents who, at the time of entry, have reached the age of majority according to the law of the province or territory in which they reside. A person for whom a publicity contest is carried out, his employees, representatives or proxies, and the persons with whom they are domiciled may not enter the contest. Entries are not transferable except to the winner’s estate according to the law of the province or territory of residence.
    2. Entrants are eligible only for the prize presented in the offer received, providing all conditions set forth in the offer are met.
    1. The grand prize will only be offered in one form: cash and to only one winner. This prize will be awarded to the holder of the winning entry in accordance with the conditions outlined in the specific promotional offer.
    2. The ENTRY OPEN DATE will be June 22, 2017 at 00:00:00 (NDT) and the ENTRY CLOSE DATE is (TBD). The grand prize, one (1) prize of $1,000.00 will be awarded to qualifying winner after the final close date. 
    3. All prizes and prize monies will be in Canadian funds.
    1. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received.
    1. The winner will be notified of winning when the within 10 days of being randomly selected and the winner must respond within 7 days and allow the use of their name, city of residence, and statements (audio, video and/or electronic) for promotional purposes. The prize will be collected at NL Classifieds Inc. corporate office. The winner will be responsible for all taxes, where applicable. If a winner fails to respond by the date specified in the notification, the prize may be given to an alternate winner or to a recognized Newfoundland & Labrador charity organization. The winners’ information may be publicized through media chosen by NL Classifieds Inc.
    1. For all entries, NL Classifieds Inc., its directors, its employees, any company involved in the administration of this contest are not responsible for misdirected, lost, late, damaged, incomplete and/or illegible entries and incorrect transcription of entry information, as well as any technical malfunctions and failure of any network which may limit an individual’s participation.
    1. By entering this contest, entrants agree to abide by all terms of these Official Rules.
    2. NL Classifieds Inc. is not responsible for reimbursement in monetary form or alternate product, should any event be canceled
    3. NL Classifieds Inc. reserves the right to deny any winner their prize if the winner fails to meet any of the above conditions.
    4. NL Classifieds Inc. reserves the right to amend these rules at any time. Should amendments take place, NL Classifieds Inc. will make every effort to publish new rules within 48 hours of when any amendments take place. NL Classifieds Inc. assumes no responsibility for printing delays of amended rules, should it be the case. All entries become the property of NL Classifieds Inc.
    5. Should circumstances beyond NL Classifieds Inc. control force cancellation of the promotion; this contest automatically ends with no compensation of any kind to be offered to existing qualifiers or winners. NL Classifieds Inc. assumes no responsibility for any delays or cancellation of this promotion.
    6. Any and all entries submitted to NL Classifieds Inc. become the property of the company and can/may be used for promotional purposes across any media NL Classifieds Inc. wishes. By submitting an entry, the contestant is granting NL Classifieds Inc full permission to do so.

      As always, you can reach us by phone at 709 237 7300 or at with any questions, comments or concerns.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Tips & Tricks - How To Create The Perfect Ad

With thousands of new ads posted daily on NL Classifieds, you want to make sure your ad gets noticed. So we thought we would highlight a few tips and tricks on how to make your ad stand out!
1. Category

The first step in creating a listing is selecting a category. NL Classifieds has over 39 categories and hundreds of sub-categories to select from. Often times users shop by selecting a category and scrolling through the listings! When you are deciding on the category, remember you can only place your item under one category, so make sure you pick the right one!

2. Title

The second step in creating your ad is the title. The title of your ad is the first thing users read when searching our site. Keywords are also drawn from the title when users select 'full search'. When you are filling out the title of your ad, you want to make it simple yet specific! For example, if you are selling a car, the title should include the year, make and model. If you’re offering the car at a good deal, you may also want to include something like “reduced to sell,” or “great deal!”

3. Description

The two main things that entice a user to click an ad are the photos and the title. Once the user has selected the ad they then move on to the description. The description may be the deciding factor on whether the person is going to contact you regarding your ad. 

When writing the description you want to provide accurate, clear and informative information. You want to give the user a better idea of the product or service. Let’s use the car example again. When you’re writing a description for a car you want to restate the title information, along with information about the usage, condition, special features, color, price, and how you would prefer to be contacted.

4. The Forgotten Photo

The most common mistake users often make when uploading an ad is forgetting to upload a photo. When users are scrolling through our site they often pay more attention to the ads with photos than those without. When creating an ad you should always try and include a photo of the item. You can even use an image or video you found online, just make sure you indicate in the description the photo is from online, not an image of the actual item. When adding a photo, you also want to make sure the best photo is the first one uploaded and selected. This will be the main photo used on your ad! 

5. The Price is Right

When you are creating your listing, there is a ‘price’ tab where you enter the price of your item. In this tab, your are given the option to select the price type. For example, if you are negotiable on the price, you select ‘neg’. If you are not interested in changing the price, you can select ‘firm’. While listing the price may help sell the item, users sometimes do not include the price. If you do not want to list the price, we recommend leaving the price box empty with
"contact for a price" in the description.